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Feminine Antagonism

Feminine Antagonism
AmirAli Maleki 

What makes the field of women studies special in today’s situation of Iran is a cross-class approach to their existence. Women, as the center of today’s appropriate conflict with power, have been able to gain a wider range of authority than in the past; But due to the antipathy of the day, their position in the society is continuously violated. As if that the words they internalize from their extensive voluntary position in the society, becomes a clearer discourse of protest in their circle of existence. In order to oppose and push them back to the state of “internal suffocation of the outside voice” (this is mediated by the internal existence of social communication, which internalizes its externality according to the connection with its external matter, in accordance to the needs of the era, and based on the historical background; Thus, outside is an internalized connection from history.) This is due to their awareness on something that is either no longer available or is scarce. It is like this that their presence in front of the discourse of power becomes a wider platform for the words of protest; Because they have found clearer words to express the reason of their protest, in alignment with the same conditions they face in everyday life. The cross-class nature of this situation becomes valuable when women, as the language of a wide range of contemporary protest vocabulary, through what they have been able to express in accordance with the conditions of the time can be a factor of unity that helps people to understand the structure of change. Because the broad language of women in expressing their social position, in relation to the structural contradiction that has shaped their existence, has the ability to digest the current format within itself, in order to redefine power in the best interests of the new position.
It is like this that women, by standing in the changing circle of their will, can accelerate the removal of the act of forgetting that is embedded in everyday life and continuously moves people away from the centrality of the act of change. This situation is called ” Structural Transaction “; An understanding that points from within the structure, beyond itself, through its vocabulary, and redefines its existence by centering the contradiction.
Having said that, discoursal “power” is essential; In other words, in the interest of its certainty, at the same time, it cultivates the words of its contradiction in line with the position it has, in order to create “what is” and “what should be”. because the existence of power is absolute, which compares its non-existence with the previous temporal relations and according to its symbolic meaning of defining the position of power, by the structure of the conceptual meaning of consolidating power, it cultivates its words of contradiction to continuously redefine itself as per the spirit of the nation.
It is like this that the power of non-existence hides itself in its continuous circulation and redefines its existence according to the rule of contradiction. Therefore, authentic existence becomes a discontinuous perception of non-existence, in order to express the conditions. In this position, the wider the scope of expressing the contradiction, the more power it has in redefining social conditions.

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